The bar is the starting point of various hiking routes. The nearby Reinbach Waterfalls offer hikers an extreme spectacle of nature.
The hike is easy up to the first of the three waterfalls and hikers may even take along a stroller. The other waterfalls can be reached via short but somewhat steep climbs and proper shoes are required.
St. Francis' Path offers hikers a further opportunity for reaching the falls. The Path of Reflection established in 1982 leads along ten stations to the Francis and Klara Chapel at the Tobl. Each station is dedicated to a verse of the Canticle of St. Francis of Assisi.

- 1st Reinbach waterfall, Path No. 2 (walking time about 15 minutes), suitable for strollers
- 3rd Reinbach waterfall, Path No. 2 (one way walking time about 1 h)
- St. Francis' Path, Path T (one way walking time about 1.5 h)